cereal box philosophy
This page is created in the same spirit as our art studio by the same name…Kudzu Mountain Gypsy Cave = Eclectic.

My posts will include any of the following and more: Art, Esoterica, Nature, Beauty, Whimsy, Spiritual, Magical, Simplicity, Mystical, Pop Culture, Pleasures of Everyday Life, Kitsch, Music, Unique, Macabre, Strange, Inspirational, Ordinary Lovely Things, etc.

I pick a theme or two each day and incorporate a variety of posts about each topic, including quotes and songs that go along with each. Enjoy and spread the love!

Life is sweet.
"Thinking Man" by Bob Orsillo
  1. "Thinking Man" by Bob Orsillo

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    “Thinking Man” by Bob Orsillo
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